Friday, July 3, 2009

I am finished with my masters!! :)

Hello friends! :) I'm back! I have survived the stress of graduate school! Yay! Now I can be a normal person again. No longer a student... just a wife and teacher! :)

Life has been crazy the past six weeks. Between two summer grad school classes and teaching summer school... But now I have 3 days of bliss. No papers, units, or lesson plans to write. Thank goodness. This weekend is going to be fun! I am going to head over to my parents house to relax in the pool for awhile and then the hubs and I are going to a cookout this afternoon. Tomorrow we are having a huge poolside cookout at my parents house. My dad's side of the family comes over and we invited hubs' family over too. Hopefully the weather is nice! We will probably go watch the fireworks in Staunton tomorrow night.

I was able to go see my classroom a few weeks ago and will be taking hubs to see it this afternoon! I have sooooooooo much work to do to get it ready for my 2nd graders! Summer school is almost over... 2 more weeks and I am finished!! Then I have 2 and a half weeks before I start working again... yes new teacher orientation is August 6th and we work everyday up until the students come back! Hopefully in that two week break hubs and I can make it down to OBX to relax at the beach. Busy life! Hope everyone is doing well!


Brittany Ann said...

yay! congrats on finishing!

OK to VA said...

Wonderful! I remember what a relief it was to finish mine--not before a couple of nervous breakdowns!


Kristen said...

CONGRATS!! It must feel amazing!!