Friday, July 10, 2009

Beach Planning

This week has been busy. I've been teaching summer school until noon and then spending some time putting my classroom (for the regular school year) together. Let me tell you... To go into a classroom that has boxes stacked to the ceiling filled with books/manipulatives/supplies/old stuff from retired teachers/binders filled with stuff I don't know what to do with/etc. is overwhelming. I have been trying to take it one box at a time and only work for an hour or so each day so that I don't get frustrated. It's very exciting though! I can't wait to begin the school year.... but I am very grateful that I get 2.5 weeks off to relax before I officially have to start back for the fall. August 6th is new teacher orientation. I'm sure I'll work in my classroom during the 2 and a half weeks I'm off but it will be on my time and I can go and come as I please so it will still sort of feel like I'm not working.

Hubs and I are in the process of planning a VA Beach/OBX trip for next Sunday. The last day of summer school is Friday so we are planning to possibly leave on Saturday or Sunday and stay one night in VA Beach and 2 nights in the Outer Banks. I can't wait to steal away with him on a relaxing beach trip. Ahhhhh... I can't wait!

Tonight I went to dinner with some of my best friends (these girls have been my best friends since our high school days) and I had a really nice time. We are all married or in the process of wedding planning, buying houses, starting new careers, and thinking about the "B" word... BABIES. Haha. It was great to catch up... life is too busy and we don't get together as often as we would like. I'm not sure what I have planned for tomorrow but sleeping in is high on my list! Have a great weekend!

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Kristen said...

sounds like you have some exciting things coming up! have fun!