Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My apologies

I must begin this blog by apologizing to all of my blog followers. I have been a terrible blogger over the past month or so. My life has been consumed with end of the year teaching stuff, my last two graduate classes, and preparing to teach summer school. I have been extremely busy and exhausted and haven't been able to muster up the energy to create a new post. Things have been going well, in spite of how busy I have been. I am relieved that summer is almost here... I say almost because our school year doesn't end until Thursday!

While I love the mountains and enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing..... my soul is longing for the salty ocean air. I need a vacation and don't have one planned. Each year my family ventures down to the Outer Banks for a week and this year they have decided not to go... much to my disappointment. So hubs and I are trying to plan a three or four day getaway to the beach sometime in July. It is very expensive to rent a house or hotel room in OBX but I cannot convince myself to go somewhere else.... like Myrtle or VA Beach. Those beaches are so very commercialized with hotels and clubs lined up everywhere you look. OBX is so.... peaceful. There are only big beautiful beach houses and quiet sandy beaches. I long to sit on the porch of a beach house, coffee in hand, watching the sunrise while listening to the beat of the ocean waves. I do NOT long for a dirty beach hotel room on some noisy strip with drunken college students at every turn. So.... I may be preparing to spend lots of money that we probably don't have in the Outer Banks!

Hope everyone is doing well! I may not have posted much this month but I have still been keeping up with you all!!


Kristen said...

oh I hope you get to go! I have heard the Outer Banks is beautiful, I have never been. Being in Tennessee we always go rent a house in Destin and while Destin is crowded in some areas where we rent a house it is a gated community and not crowded. I agree with you though, it is worth it based on how relaxing it is! This year I went on vacation with people I babysit and we went to Rosemary beach in FL which I LOVED! Such a cute little town!

Good luck with the last few days of school!!

Kristen said...

You should apologize! & I've got an award for you over @ my blog :)