Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fresh Start = Fresh Routine

Lately it has been coming to my attention that I am getting old and out of shape. I am a very busy person these days with teaching and finishing up graduate school. Exercise has taken a backseat for the past... oh I don't know... two years? Yikes. It's true..... Once my routine began consisting of working for 8 hours then going straight to class for at least 3 hours, sometimes 6 hours... My body only told me one thing... that it was tired. Rest became high on the list and exercise got kicked off. I'm exhausted when I finally make it home at night and can barely hold my eyes open when my alarm goes off. Now I am starting to feel the effects of being so out of shape... My legs hurt after doing the tiniest physical activities... they cramp up from sitting to long and hurt from standing up most of the day to teach... My poor legs. These legs used to be toned and were proudly the strongest part of my body. Now... nope... they are little weaklings. So something must be done and I am afraid that it must be done in the mornings... There is no way I can force myself to exercise at night when I get home from teaching all day and sitting in class all night. My morning will begin with walking two miles (followed by a few mugs of coffee). I will then proceed to my daily devotional/prayer time with God, and then proceed to shower and prepare for my very long days.... It will take me awhile to get into this new schedule but once I master it for a couple of weeks it will become routine to me and my body will adjust to it's earlier morning schedule and my legs will thank me for their new muscle tone. Blogger friends, please hold me to this!:)


Brittany Ann said...

You can do it! And the bonus, once you get used to early morning exercise, is that it actually gives you more energy!

Kristen said...

You can definitely do it! I put exercise on the back burner too just because when I get home I cannot possibly imagine doing something else. I need to though, just for my health and well being if not for other reasons.

drahdrah said...

You can do it ! Once you get back into the habit and realize how much better you feel, you'll keep going.