Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sanity Called.....

She left a message saying she would meet up with me tomorrow night at 9:30.

I have basically spent my entire weekend doing work. Writing paper after paper, lesson plan after lesson plan, unit after unit, educational strategy analyses after educational strategy analyses....the list goes on. My husband has told me that he misses me. Isn't that a sign that I'm WAY too busy? Luckily my hard work all weekend has paid off and I am almost stress free. I have to turn in a portfolio in one class tomorrow before I head off to another class to turn in a paper and a unit plan, and give a presentation on my lesson. After that I will have one paper due Wednesday and then I am FINISHED!!!!! Yippeeeee!

Anyways... thanks for the thoughts and prayers! I'll be one happy teacher on Thursday when the stress of graduate school is completely gone and I can focus on relaxing and preparing my new classroom for my 2nd graders this fall! :)

Friday I plan to do nothing but slather myself in SPF 45 and lay on the float in my parent's pool Ahhh. Hurry up Friday.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hello Stress

I don't know why I am blogging... I do not have time to blog for the next week and a half. My life is going to be very stressful for the next week and a half. I am at the end of my last two graduate classes and I have procrastinated on my papers/unit plans. Summer school starts tomorrow. I have a class of 13... 11 of which are boys. I am slightly nervous. The stress is piling up... I have to finish three papers, one unit plan, and one very large portfolio within the next week. Ugh. On the bright side (there is always a bright side), in one week I will be FINISHED with my master's degree, finished with one week of summer school, and I will have my sanity back. Also, I get to see my classroom on Tuesday! Yay! I am so excited to begin cleaning/organizing/rearranging my room for this fall! I know summer has just begun... actually today is the first day of summer... but being a new teacher is a lot of work and I want to be organized so that I don't struggle the whole year. Well that's all for now. I am preparing myself for late nights this week and a very hectic schedule. Prayers are always appreciated!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fresh Start = Fresh Routine

Lately it has been coming to my attention that I am getting old and out of shape. I am a very busy person these days with teaching and finishing up graduate school. Exercise has taken a backseat for the past... oh I don't know... two years? Yikes. It's true..... Once my routine began consisting of working for 8 hours then going straight to class for at least 3 hours, sometimes 6 hours... My body only told me one thing... that it was tired. Rest became high on the list and exercise got kicked off. I'm exhausted when I finally make it home at night and can barely hold my eyes open when my alarm goes off. Now I am starting to feel the effects of being so out of shape... My legs hurt after doing the tiniest physical activities... they cramp up from sitting to long and hurt from standing up most of the day to teach... My poor legs. These legs used to be toned and were proudly the strongest part of my body. Now... nope... they are little weaklings. So something must be done and I am afraid that it must be done in the mornings... There is no way I can force myself to exercise at night when I get home from teaching all day and sitting in class all night. My morning will begin with walking two miles (followed by a few mugs of coffee). I will then proceed to my daily devotional/prayer time with God, and then proceed to shower and prepare for my very long days.... It will take me awhile to get into this new schedule but once I master it for a couple of weeks it will become routine to me and my body will adjust to it's earlier morning schedule and my legs will thank me for their new muscle tone. Blogger friends, please hold me to this!:)

Friday, June 12, 2009


Today is the first day I have had off in a long time. By "off" I mean, no work, no class, absolutely nothing that I have to do. It is amazing. I slept until almost 8:30(that's late for me), caught up on reading everyone's blogs, and now I am enjoying my coffee. Ahhhh. If only this feeling could last longer than a day. Tomorrow I have class from 9:30-1:00. Yuck. It's a good class but I hate having to give up my Saturdays... especially because there is a really good community yard sale tomorrow! Haha... I know that makes me sound old... but yard sales are great ways to find cheap books for your classroom! I already have tons but you can never have too many books!

I will now proceed to the next portion of my day... shopping!

I haven't forgotten about the blog awards I have been given! I will put them in my next post!! Thanks!! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My apologies

I must begin this blog by apologizing to all of my blog followers. I have been a terrible blogger over the past month or so. My life has been consumed with end of the year teaching stuff, my last two graduate classes, and preparing to teach summer school. I have been extremely busy and exhausted and haven't been able to muster up the energy to create a new post. Things have been going well, in spite of how busy I have been. I am relieved that summer is almost here... I say almost because our school year doesn't end until Thursday!

While I love the mountains and enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing..... my soul is longing for the salty ocean air. I need a vacation and don't have one planned. Each year my family ventures down to the Outer Banks for a week and this year they have decided not to go... much to my disappointment. So hubs and I are trying to plan a three or four day getaway to the beach sometime in July. It is very expensive to rent a house or hotel room in OBX but I cannot convince myself to go somewhere else.... like Myrtle or VA Beach. Those beaches are so very commercialized with hotels and clubs lined up everywhere you look. OBX is so.... peaceful. There are only big beautiful beach houses and quiet sandy beaches. I long to sit on the porch of a beach house, coffee in hand, watching the sunrise while listening to the beat of the ocean waves. I do NOT long for a dirty beach hotel room on some noisy strip with drunken college students at every turn. So.... I may be preparing to spend lots of money that we probably don't have in the Outer Banks!

Hope everyone is doing well! I may not have posted much this month but I have still been keeping up with you all!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Letter to July

Dear July,

I am writing you this letter in hopes that you will be visiting very soon. June is here right now and she is not a very welcomed guest. It's sad to say that I want her to leave. Her schedule is filled with my last two graduate classes, the end of the current elementary school year, and the start of elementary summer school. She is very demanding and rarely lets me play in the sunshine. She will not allow me to take a vacation and she has given me tons and tons of work to do. July, you bring me such joy. You only come with a few weeks of teaching summer school and you bring me poolside cookouts, vacation, camping trips, and relaxation. I would very much love it if you could send June packing and take her place.

Your friend,