Thursday, May 14, 2009

Starting Small

It's been a few days since my last post... I guess nothing interesting has been happening. I have been so exhausted the past few days. I can't seem to catch up on my sleep! Not to mention, I have been administering SOL tests so I haven't been drinking coffee in the mornings because I can't leave the room to go to the bathroom. Haha. Now.... SOL's ARE OVER (for 5th grade)!! So tomorrow I will enjoy my coffee. :)

The job front is still the same... No updates there yet. I don't want to talk about it. Well... except to mention that I got a summer school position. Kindergarten here I come! :) Still waiting for the fall though.... trusting, praying, believing.

The battle between Lazy Christina and Healthy Christina.... is still at a stalemate. Ok, that was a lie. Lazy Christina is definitely winning. Lazy Christina convinces herself not to get out of bed any earlier to exercise, she allows herself to eat at Sonic to avoid the hassle of cooking, and she refuses to pay for a gym membership. Healthy Christina gets annoyed with Lazy Christina in the evenings because she feels like crap.

Although I have not started a new fitness/health routine, I have begun to set a few goals... to get an idea of what I would like the end result to look like.

1. I want to be able to run 2 miles without huffing and puffing and feeling like crap afterwards. Is that an unreachable goal? Doesn't seem to be but it's extremely hard to get started.
2. I want to desire fruits and veggies more than french fries and burgers.
3. I want to drink more water.

Three small goals to start with.

More comments and motivation would be appreciated! :)


Brittany Ann said...

Yay on the summer job! So glad to hear it!

My recommendation for drinking more water: Crystal Lite To-Go packets. THey're tasty, calorie-free, and a tricky way to drink water.

Kristen said...

Just found your blog and I am also getting my masters in education! Congrats on almost being done!

Rachel said...

Tina you are doing it the right way, just make small changes with your diet first. That will make a huge difference by itself. Always keep a bottle of water with you, cause you'll be more inclined to drink it. I didn't realize how much water made a difference until one day I didn't drink hardly any and I could barely work out that night.

Kristen said...

I have an award for you over on my site :)