Thursday, May 7, 2009


Tonight the hubs and I went to see our nephew (he's 5) sing in his school's music performance. It was soooo cute. He is adorable and all of his PreK classmates are too! Hubs and I don't see him as often as we would like, so hopefully this summer we can spend more time with him! My long term sub position is going okay. The beginning of the week was rough but it's ending pretty well. I'm teaching 5th grade right now and I am realizing that I really like teaching the lower grades better (which is actually the opposite of what I thought when I first began my masters program). Luckily for me, my TWO interviews are for PreK positions. Keep praying and I'll keep you posted.

While I love that my flowers look beautiful, I am seriously tired of the rain. I need sun and warmth. Rain has a way of bringing people down. It matched my mood at the beginning of the week, but now that I have HOPE for a job, I need sun.

I also want to start improving my life/routines. Make healthy choices, get in shape, you know, all of the New Year's Resolutions that no one ever sticks to. I need to exercise more. I need it to become part of my routine... much like brushing my teeth and having my morning cup of coffee is part of my routine. How do I begin to incorporate a 30 minute workout into my already packed schedule? I would love to think I could do it in the morning, as a stress reliever, health benefit, and overall mood booster. I wish that I was good at running. If you are out of shape, how to do you start out running? I usually do too much the first day, feel miserable at the end, and stop my new "routine" after day one. Any ideas? Inspiration?


Brittany Ann said...

How about morning swimming during the summer? Any nearby pools?

RBecker said...

Congrats on the interviews!! You will get one of those jobs im sure.. as for working out, just start making really small changes so you dont get burnt out.. start with jogging for 15 minutes only 3 days a week.. then once you get that down you can add more!

Heather said...

To start running and build up your endurance: Start out the first week running 3 minutes, walking 2, that puts you at a 10 minute mile and then do that for however long you can (I normally do like 20 minutes)and then add on to that. Then change it to running 4 minutes, walking 1, etc etc until you're only running. I know it feels like it takes forever to build the endurance that way but it helps so you don't push yourself too hard and wear yourself out the first day. I was doing that for a while and then of course you miss one day and then it just ends, and so I haven't been in a while, lol. I too am trying to get better at working out more. I'll even do a dance video once or twice a week before Joey gets home from work. Congrats on the interviews! Hope everything turns out the way you want it :)

Kristen said...

I will walk with you when I come home! I need to get in wedding dress shape :(

Wichita Wedding Blog said...

I agree with Hearther - that's definitely the easiest way. I also pick 3 days a week that I jog - it's on the schedule just like going to work and eating dinner. I plan time around my jogs so they don't get pushed to the back burner (which is totally what I would love to do ;-).

It might feel like it takes a long time, but you'll get there. A few months ago I couldn't run 1 mile - now I do 4 :-)