Sunday, May 17, 2009

Morning Musings

I spent all day yesterday at the softball field because hubs was playing in a tournament. After suffering through several rain/storm delays, the tournament was cancelled for the day and was set to resume this morning. Since it is cool outside today and the threat of rain still looms, I decided to stay home. Normally I would be in church right now but I didn't make it there this morning. So I am doing some laundry, cleaning, making our grocery list, and will hopefully get to take the dogs for a walk before it rains. I also have to write out my lesson plans for the week. This will be week three of my long term sub position and 5th grade isn't my forte. I prefer the lower grades... I just think that the classroom is more exciting and alive in the lower grades. I am used to tons of bright posters declaring how fun learning is, shelves and shelves stocked with books, and learning centers spread across the classroom. In 5th grade I walked into a pretty sterile classroom. The kids are just not as excited about learning as they are in the lower grades. I think there are ways to brighten up a 5th grade classroom, but I guess when you are preparing the kids for middle school you kinda have to wean them off of the learning centers and child like environment. So anyway.... I am in charge of teaching social studies and I have about 2 weeks of teaching ahead of me before all of the assemblies, field day, and farewell activities begin. Since the SOL's are over for 5th grade, I am free to teach whatever I want. I think I will start with World War II and then discuss the Civilian Conservation Corps camps. Hopefully everything goes okay, I am new to 5th grade and to teaching only social studies. It is nice that you only have to make lesson plans for one core subject and Language Arts, but at the same time you are repeating yourself all morning. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

I am heading to the grocery store this afternoon and hope to stock up on fruits, veggies, and Crystal Light to get me started on two of the three small goals I mentioned in the last post. Another blog I was reading mentioned the Couch to 5K plan... I am contemplating trying that to help me with my running. This week my goal is to walk two miles each day. The best way for me to start that is by taking each dog for a one mile walk. Sounds easy enough! Hold me accountable! :)

And finally, I want to thank Kristen over at Ladybug Blessings for giving me a blog award! I will pass this award on soon!

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Brittany Ann said...

Congrats on the award! Hang in there with the fifth graders. At the end of the year, I think they, like highschoolers, just want out of there for summer.