Friday, May 1, 2009

Housewife Returns to Work

After my post on Wednesday, I gained the motivation to clean the house! That's right. I redeemed myself from bad housewife status... The house looks great! Of course... I didn't do all of the rearranging and organizing of the closets and such, but I did make the house look organized and presentable. I must say, hubs was impressed with me (and the house) when he got home from work. The index card list worked... I'll be honest, I even added to the list after I did something that wasn't on the list, just so I could cross it off. Ha! Lists may become part of my daily routine. :)

On another note, this temporary housewife starts work this afternoon. Yep, I've got a meeting at the elementary school in regards to adminstering the SOL's (Virginia's standardized tests). The teacher I am subbing for is starting her maternity leave on Monday, so for the entire month of May and two weeks of June I will be teaching 5th grade. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. I am excited to have the opportunity but it's hard to come into a classroom and take over after they are used to their teacher all year. I don't know the kids and it's in a school district that I haven't subbed much in so I'm still not used to their daily routines. It will definitely be good experience and after a week or so I should have the hang of things... I hope!

I'm not sure what's on the agenda for this weekend but I would love it if it decided not to rain, and just to be warm and sunny. My parents have opened their pool and I plan to spend the summer laying right beside it or on a float in it!

My interview is next Friday. Keep me in your prayers!


Melissa said...

Good luck with your interim position. I did that for several months in a kindergarten class before I officially started teaching. It was incredible experience and I'm so glad I was able to do it!

Brittany Ann said...

Good work! I need to take some inspiration and follow in your lead. (Glad those index cards did the trick:)

Praying for you as you head into your new classroom! You're going to do great.