Monday, April 6, 2009

Tennessee Bound!

I just booked our hotel room for our Tennessee trip. Phillip and I want/need to get away for several reasons. Life has been great but stressful.
1. I want to celebrate successfully completing my student teaching.
2. He is on spring break this week.
3. It's almost our 1 year wedding anniversary (yay!).
4. I check my email a million times a day, hoping for an email from a principal wanting to interview me... I am anxious to find out where I will be teaching this fall and what grade! Keep praying for patience for me and blessings in finding a job. I need to separate myself from my computer (although I can't promise I won't take it with me, hey, don't judge... our hotel has free wireless!)
5. I need a break between student teaching and starting a new long term sub position. Going from 1st grade to 5th in a different school division will be a challenge.
6. We love Tennessee and it will allow us to spend quality time together.

I think that is a long enough list of reasons why I need a mini vaca. So there you have it. We will be in TN for 3 days and 2 nights. Yippee!! :) I can't wait to eat at Old Mill again!

PS. Keep praying for my dad. He is doing much better now. He went on a walk today and said he didn't feel any shortness of breath! Praise the Lord. He is faithful! God is good!

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SunniOceans said...

you SO deserve it! you dont even have to list any reasons why! have funn!!! :))))