Saturday, April 11, 2009

He is Risen!!!

Good Friday marked the day when our Savior Jesus paid the ultimate price. He took on all of our guilt and sins so that we could be forgiven and have eternal life. To me there is nothing more beautiful than that. I went to the Good Friday service at church and took part in communion, as Jesus did with His disciples and I reflected on what an amazing person He was. Jesus came into this world, fully man and fully God, and went through many of the same things that we go through. He experienced the sadness that we experience, the pain, the sorrow, but still followed God's will for His life. He knew God's will for His life and was crucified so that we may have life. Wow. So as we enter into Easter Sunday, let us remember and worship our God for the price that was paid. I can't wait to celebrate the Risen King!

I really like these lyrics from church on Friday:

The first time You came they crowned You with thorns
As on an old rugged cross You were raised
But the next time You come, it won't be as before
For this time we'll crown You with praise.

This Easter I will be:
Reflecting on what Christ did for me (for everyone)
Renewing my relationship with Him
Refreshing my spirit
Rejoicing in the Resurrection and the coming of our King!

Happy Easter!

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