Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friend Update: Roomie Love

As promised, I am trying to reconnect with friends and have been successfully doing so. While I did not have the pleasure of seeing this beautiful person this week, I did have the pleasure of catching up with her (thank goodness for texts, internet, etc.). Meet my former roomie and great friend: Chrissy.
Chrissy, Chris, and Bailey

Chrissy is an amazing person inside and out. She has done so many amazing things in life (just check out her blog here to learn more) and I am thankful to have her in my life! Chrissy will be getting married on October 4th to a guy named Chris Moore, whom she has been dating since college. She is going to be a beautiful bride. I've known Chrissy for about 4 years now and she is the best listener anyone could ask for. We lived together for a year in college and talked a lot then, but we seem to be even closer now. In college we had completely different personalities but for some reason we always had a great connection. Even after college we have kept in touch. She came to mine and Phil's wedding and we will be attending her and Chris' wedding! Her and Chris also have 2 golden retrievers... Bailey and Bella! Bella is my Piper's sister! I can't wait to reunite them!
Chrissy is very sensitive, caring, goal oriented, and fun to be around. She is a great friend and I'm so thankful that even though we are far apart we are still close at heart! Love you Chrissy !

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SunniOceans said...

You are so sweet. I am so thankful for our meeting, which turned into living together, which turned into our friendship! You are an amazing person, anyone would be so lucky to have you as a friend! Love you roomie ;) !

and p.s. I LOVE your page!! So pretty!