Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friend Update: A-Mack

Ok, her name isn't really A-Mack... It's Alexis. A-Mack is a name that I affectionately called her in high school. That's right... we've been close friends since 10th grade. We even went to beach week together after our senior year of high school. Alexis is a truly awesome person and I'm really happy that we had a chance to catch up. Alexis has always been my upbeat, happy, stay positive friend and for that I am very grateful. She looks at life in the most practical, down to earth way and helps me see things from a different perspective. Thanks Alexis! :)

Alexis is a busy woman. She is a newlywed (since October) who works 40-60 hour weeks. She is in Health Care Administration, and manages 2 medical practices. That's a huge accomplishment for a 24 year old! She also wants to go back to school to get her masters degree and to get licensed as a Registered Nurse. She has really great goals set for herself and I admire her determination and open mind.

Alexis and Jake (the hubs) love to travel, especially to Vermont to ski, and are considering a big move in the future! While I will be sad to see her move away from me, I will definitely be visiting! Alexis is who I refer to as my "free bird" friend. She is always up for any adventure, whether it is riding a motorcycle (or dirt bike, haha), or meeting random strangers and staying out all night with them (oh beach week, how I miss you), or moving half way across the country, she is up for it. Love you Alexis!

PS. I should also mention, Alexis has a great voice! She sang in my wedding! Ah... just another one of her amazing accomplishments! :)

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