Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flowers = Mood Lifter

I have been a huge mess of emotions this week. My 20 page reflective synthesis paper was due... for those of you that don't know what that is... it's a 20 page paper (no less!) in which the graduate student reflects on all of the Master of Arts in Teaching classes, picking out one to three themes, and discussing what we learned that was important and what it means to be an inquiry teacher. You are required to use APA style with 10-15 references. Two faculty members read your paper (blindly, you aren't allowed to put your name on it, just your ID #) and give the paper a grade, then those grades are averaged and that's your final grade for this one credit class. Now I know that one credit doesn't sound like a big deal but that paper determines whether or not you will graduate. So. it. is. a. big. deal. It has to be on the Director of the MAT program's desk tomorrow morning by 9:00 a.m. I turned mine in today because with my luck I would have a printer problem or be called to start my long term sub position tomorrow morning. Whew. I'm glad it's over. It's consumed me.

Well... that and the job search. I feel like I have a possible lead on a position but I don't want to get my hopes up and get too excited too quickly so I'll post more on that when I know more. Just keep praying for me! I've become an obsessive email checker. Ugh.

So this afternoon I was feeling pretty bored and kinda sorry for myself... just being a typical moody woman... hubs went to watch a high school baseball game and then play basketball so I've had a lot of down time this afternoon. I have not really felt in the mood to do anything, although my house desperately needs to be cleaned. Ugh. Who wants to do that? I hate to clean but I hate when things are dirty and messy if that makes sense. Anyway... I took Piper out to go to the bathroom and my parents stopped by unexpectedly. Mom opens the trunk of their SUV and starts hauling out flowers. She bought me a bunch of pansies and an azalea. It really lifted my bad mood. Flowers are so beautiful and they smell so good and she started showing me where in my flower bed they should go and bad mood seemed to melt away. Thanks Mom!

Tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny! I plan on planting my new flowers and working in my flower beds! Yay!

PS. It's almost mine and hubs one year wedding anniversary! Yay! April 26th!


Brittany Ann said...

Hey hun! I'm the same way about cleaning. I hate it, but I like things to be clean.

Just wanted you to know you have an award on my blog!

SunniOceans said...

How sweet! I'm glad the flowers lifted your day! Goodluck on everything. You've worked so hard and the right path will be there for you to take! :)