Saturday, April 4, 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster

Well this week has been full of emotions. Let me start at last Friday (3/27).

My last day student teaching: What an amazing experience. The 1st graders that I taught were so sweet. Each student brought in new or gently used books for me to start my own classroom library. Some kids brought in up to 10 books of their own. They made me cards, we had cupcakes and juice boxes (all planned and executed by my cooperating teacher of course). Some of the parents even sent in stuff to get my classroom started like motivational stickers, white out, a whistle, etc. My cooperating teacher got me all kinds of stuff too... books, a cart, supplies, a card, etc. I had a great last day!

After student teaching ended, I assumed that I would have this past week to do a lot of spring cleaning, run errands, etc. Wrong. Monday and Tuesday I had finished running all of my errands but Tuesday night my family informed me that my dad had been having shortness of breath and was going in for a cath on Friday. So needless to say, we were all worried. He had a heart attack 13 years ago so we take his heart health very seriously. I spent the rest of my week worrying, praying, and spending time with him. Thursday I did manage to sub in 5th grade in Rockingham County. Since I will eventually be doing a long term sub their I wanted to start getting to know the kids. I had a pretty good day there overall... anyways...

Friday we all got up before dawn and drove to UVA to take dad in for his cath. While we were waiting for him (a procedure that they said would take only an hour), I went over to my old stomping grounds... McIntire School of Commerce. I saw all of the people I used to work with. It was great seeing them again (it had been 3 months!) and I had a really good time catching up. After that Holly and I walked back to the hospital and there was still no word about dad. Two hours had passed before we heard anything. The nurse informed us that dad was doing fine, but that they had to put 3 stents in.... he had one completely blocked artery and one partially blocked.... ahhhhh stress. We were surprised at the results but happy and relieved he was okay. They needed to keep him overnight so my sisters and I stayed quite awhile and then came home to get some rest. Mom stayed longer, and was going to stay the night but the hospital doesn't allow people to stay in the cardiac unit so she left later last night. I called him twice after we got home just to make sure he was okay... so did my 3 sisters and mom... needless to say he was on the phone until he went to bed last night. He is coming home today and will be off from work for the next 2 weeks. Praise God for being there for dad and us.... He is faithful and will answer prayers!

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SunniOceans said...

i'm so glad to hear that your dad is doing well after the episode he went through!!