Friday, April 17, 2009

Bad News Turned Good

Well a lot has happened this week. First, I wanted to let everyone know that my cooperating teacher from student teaching rescued me and I had a camera to play my video segment to my class on Tuesday. Whew. This week was very disappointing to start out... as I may have mentioned, the last two classes I need for my Masters are being offered at the same time this summer and for financial aid reasons I couldn't take either class at another university b/c I wouldn't get financial aid (lets face it, after student teaching for 3 months and being unemployed you aren't rolling in the money). My advisor worked so hard to try to find a solution but it seemed as though their wasn't one so I was really let down this week. I hated that I would have to take the class in the fall. On top that of bad news, Phillip found out he was being transferred from the 2 schools that he is teaching at this year, to two other schools next year. So he was really upset about that because he loves Peak View! So we were pretty grouchy this week...

Today turned things around! Phil called the PE supervisor and his principal at Peak View really stood up for him and they decided not to move him! YAY! He was really excited and I think it says a lot about his school system. They really work hard to keep their employees happy! And on top of that good news, my advisor called me and said she thinks she found a possible solution to my class dilemma and I will be able to take both classes and graduate this summer!! YAY! The Painters are very happy today. God has really blessed us. He is always faithful!

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