Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Desperate Housewife? Or BAD housewife?

I can't seem to find the motivation to clean and organize my house like I had planned. After I finished student teaching at the end of March, I had these big plans to use the weeks in between student teaching and my long term sub position to clean and reorganize our house. I even avoided doing some of it on the weekends while I was student teaching because I knew that I had specific plans to do it all during my interim break. Have I cleaned out my closet (COMPLETELY cleaned it out, reorganized, etc.)? Have I redone the guest bedroom? Have I rearranged our master bedroom? Cleaned the house from top to bottom? No. I. have. not. Why? I can't find the motivation to focus on cleaning. I would make a horrible housewife. I'm sorry hubs. I've managed to empty and load the dishwasher a few times, vacuumed once, and organized all of my teacher stuff in our office (millions of children's books, educational games, resources, etc). Those things do not make our house look nicer, they do not give it a warm, southern feel, and they most certainly do not get me the best housewife award. I do not go to bed at night feeling organized and satisfied with my progress. I am a planner and an organizer. Housewives do not have planned and organized schedules. They have an open schedule to do what they want when they want to. I do not operate in that way. At first it was nice... I slept in (8 a.m. is sleeping in), enjoyed my coffee, took the dogs on a walk, caught myself up on everyone's blogs, etc. It was nice. Heck... I even took a bubble bath in the middle of the day (now that's life on the wild side). Now.... it's driving me crazy. I need a schedule in order to accomplish anything. Maybe that's why I'm a terrible housewife. I always feel better if things are where they should be and my next day is planned out. So I've made a list on an index card of all the things I hope to accomplish today (idea taken from Brittany!) and hopefully that will give me the motivation to get more accomplished today. After all... my break is coming to an end. I have to go in for a meeting on Friday in regards to administering the SOL's and will start teaching the 5th grade by Monday. MONDAY. At the latest.... Oh how I wish I hadn't been such a procrastinator.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend was our one year wedding anniversary (Sunday to be exact)! We had a great weekend together. Saturday we went to a nice dinner and Sunday we toasted to 94 more years together (we promised each other when we started dating we would be together for 100 years, it's been 6, haha). We also ate our delicious one year old wedding cake (which I am relieved to have out of my freezer, it took up a lot of space!). I took pictures of our toast and of us feeding each other the cake, but I'm too lazy to put them up right now.... sorry! :) It was a great weekend over all.... We didn't go away for the weekend because we decided to go away earlier this month since hubs had a week off from work. I really don't feel like this past year has been as hard as everyone said that it would be. I love being married. <3

I don't want to go into too much detail on this but.... I got a job interview!!! I really, really want this job, so your prayers would be greatly appreciated! I'm really looking forward to learning God's plan for my life and following His will. I feel like this could be it... it is with a school district that I originally wasn't interested in. I kept starting an email to the principal about this position but then kept deleting it because I wasn't sure if it was the right opportunity for me. Finally I decided to email her, what did I have to lose? I hadn't even applied... she ended up being really nice and asked me to apply for the job.... and the director of HR contacted me and encouraged me to apply. I did and in less than a week they had called me to set up an interview. I'm trying not to get my hopes up.... but I'm not going to lie... I'm pretty excited! I am trying to focus on clearly seeing and following God's will for my life. Pray for clarity!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Element

Last night we went out to the lake to go catfishing. As I was curled up in a blanket in a chair staring up at the stars over the lake, I felt so........ content. I love being outside in the mountains. Ever since hubs and I first started dating we have shared a love for all things outdoors. We love to trout fish, hike, canoe, camp, and enjoy the beautiful earth that God created. I'm an outdoorsy girl. Sure, I love the beach as much as the next person does and I'm lulled into a similar sort of peace by the sound of the waves crashing onto the sand, but I am so much more comfortable in the mountains. There are so many places in my area to take advantage of, St. Mary's Falls, Crabtree Falls, Humpback Rocks, Elliot Knob, tons of state parks (Douthat is by far my favorite), Goshen Pass, Jackson River (Hidden Valley).... the list is endless. There are so many rivers and lakes that we've fished in, swam in, canoed on, hiked around, etc. and so many that we hope to experience. For some reason I just felt compelled to blog about what I consider to be "my element" so that many of you bloggers out there know a little more about me. I'm happiest being active in the mountains. What is your element/hobby/comfort zone? I'd love to know!

Me after hiking to the second highest point in VA

Fishing at Cripple Creek

Mason and I hiking at Crabtree Falls

Mason and I hiking at Douthat State Park (where hubs proposed!)

Driving the boat at Lake Moomaw

At the top of Humpback Rocks

Friday, April 24, 2009

My first blog award!

I have been given my very first blog award by a fellow teacher, Brittany Ann! Thanks Brittany for the Lemonade Stand Award!I love reading everyone's blogs and I'm not sure how many people I'm supposed to pass this award to so I'll just name a few!

Congrats to these winners:

Melissa at Sweet Melissa
Chrissy at Living Life As I Imagined It
Heather at My Role in the Game of Life
Jennifer at The LaJeunesse Family

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flowers = Mood Lifter

I have been a huge mess of emotions this week. My 20 page reflective synthesis paper was due... for those of you that don't know what that is... it's a 20 page paper (no less!) in which the graduate student reflects on all of the Master of Arts in Teaching classes, picking out one to three themes, and discussing what we learned that was important and what it means to be an inquiry teacher. You are required to use APA style with 10-15 references. Two faculty members read your paper (blindly, you aren't allowed to put your name on it, just your ID #) and give the paper a grade, then those grades are averaged and that's your final grade for this one credit class. Now I know that one credit doesn't sound like a big deal but that paper determines whether or not you will graduate. So. it. is. a. big. deal. It has to be on the Director of the MAT program's desk tomorrow morning by 9:00 a.m. I turned mine in today because with my luck I would have a printer problem or be called to start my long term sub position tomorrow morning. Whew. I'm glad it's over. It's consumed me.

Well... that and the job search. I feel like I have a possible lead on a position but I don't want to get my hopes up and get too excited too quickly so I'll post more on that when I know more. Just keep praying for me! I've become an obsessive email checker. Ugh.

So this afternoon I was feeling pretty bored and kinda sorry for myself... just being a typical moody woman... hubs went to watch a high school baseball game and then play basketball so I've had a lot of down time this afternoon. I have not really felt in the mood to do anything, although my house desperately needs to be cleaned. Ugh. Who wants to do that? I hate to clean but I hate when things are dirty and messy if that makes sense. Anyway... I took Piper out to go to the bathroom and my parents stopped by unexpectedly. Mom opens the trunk of their SUV and starts hauling out flowers. She bought me a bunch of pansies and an azalea. It really lifted my bad mood. Flowers are so beautiful and they smell so good and she started showing me where in my flower bed they should go and bad mood seemed to melt away. Thanks Mom!

Tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny! I plan on planting my new flowers and working in my flower beds! Yay!

PS. It's almost mine and hubs one year wedding anniversary! Yay! April 26th!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Recap

The weather this weekend was beautiful! I had all of our windows open and loved smelling the fresh cut grass scent float through the house! Today wasn't as sunny but it was still warm and pretty nice. I had a quiet weekend... Hubs was out of town playing in a softball tournament (which they won by the way). He left Saturday morning and in effort to get him back home Saturday night I wished him rotten luck (mean wife) so that he would lose and have to come back home to me. My wishes didn't work and he ended up staying in Roanoke last night (they played softball until midnight last night... crazy) and they played all day today. So it's been me and the dogs and cat this weekend. I planned on working on my 20 page paper that's due this Friday and ... well.... I didn't. Ugh. I'm such a procrastinator and I will hate myself later this week... especially if I start my long term sub position in the 5th grade. I still plan on writing a little bit more tonight... 4 pages is better than nothing... only 16 more to go! I haven't felt good this weekend... my glands are swollen, my throat hurts, and I feel really achy. Perfect timing. 20 page paper. Long term sub. Sick. Oh well.. I will take some Nyquil tonight and plow through! Your prayers are appreciated.

Hubs is on his way home now and I can't wait to see him. I know he's only been gone since yesterday morning but I missed my snuggle buddy last night (corny I know). I'm so used to him being here that it felt weird to have a big empty bed last night.

On another note, I am still job hunting for this fall... keep me in your prayers! As May approaches I'm starting to get more and more anxious but many people assure me that they didn't get their positions until July! Wow. I can't imagine having to wait that long but if that's God's will for me then that's fine with me. Until then, I will be teaching 5th grade as a long term sub... beginning sometime this week maybe? The teacher is going on maternity leave and her body is "preparing for labor" so I am just on standby waiting for the call or email.

I should mention that as I was procrastinating on my paper this weekend, I took the time to look at a lot of other blogs and I've really enjoyed reading them. Some funny, some sad, some hopeful, some exciting, some similar to mine, some completely different, all fun to read. I look forward to getting to know my fellow bloggers! It really is a good outlet for your feelings and a great way to keep in touch and meet new people. Blog on! :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wedded Bliss

One week from tomorrow will be our 1 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe how fast this past year has gone by. Everyone says that the first year of marriage is the hardest but honestly, I don't feel that way at all. This past year was amazing. I love being married. It brings about a new level of closeness in our relationship. We've been through a lot this past year. I have been going to grad school full time and (until January) have been working full time. I've had a lot of late nights this past year. I was going to work for eight hours and then going straight to class for 3-6 more hours. While I was doing that Phil started a new job in a new school district and became the boys JV basketball coach at TA. He started having late practices and travelling for games and helping out with the Varsity team and at times it seemed as though we were ships passing in the night. It would have been very easy to neglect our new marriage this past year but we didn't. Sure their were times when we would both get frustrated because we didn't see each other or spend quality time together as much as we would like but we worked through it. He has really supported me as I started a new chapter in my life. He was okay with my late nights because I was accomplishing my career and life goals... to be an elementary school teacher and get my masters degree. I have supported him as well. He loves to coach and he is really, REALLY good at it. I don't just say that because I'm his wife... He started out with a basketball team of 10-13 kids, only 3 of which had ever played basketball before. Their first few games were less than graceful. His players were falling down, making lots of mistakes, and not playing their hardest. Many would have given up, but not my husband. By the end of that season those boys were not just good, they were great. They looked like a completely different team. They were running plays, being aggressive, encouraging one another, being leaders on the court, and playing hard. They wanted to win for themselves, their school, and their coach. He taught them so much and I could really see the improvements in them. Everyone could. So... as I get off of my tangent, I supported him and his late nights just like he supported me.

Busy as we were, this first year of marriage has been eye opening, busy, fun, exciting, and blessed. I couldn't ask for a better husband, though I'm sure I don't tell him that enough. God has really blessed our marriage and for that I am grateful. As we move into year number two, we are both in much better places in our lives and we are very excited to see/experience the things that God has in store for us.

Some of our goals for this next year:
-Buy a house
-Get a job teaching elementary school (me)
-Buy a new car (Phil)
-Take a vacation
-Go to another MLB game
-Pay off some student loans
-Visit friends (Gloucester and Arlington here we come!)
-Go back to Cripple Creek
-To make many more great memories!

Well I think that's all for now... We will be eating year old wedding cake next weekend! Can't wait! I love you babe!

Getting married - April 26, 2008

I love this picture because we just looked at each other and said "Can you believe we are married?" and started laughing.


Dancing at the reception

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bad News Turned Good

Well a lot has happened this week. First, I wanted to let everyone know that my cooperating teacher from student teaching rescued me and I had a camera to play my video segment to my class on Tuesday. Whew. This week was very disappointing to start out... as I may have mentioned, the last two classes I need for my Masters are being offered at the same time this summer and for financial aid reasons I couldn't take either class at another university b/c I wouldn't get financial aid (lets face it, after student teaching for 3 months and being unemployed you aren't rolling in the money). My advisor worked so hard to try to find a solution but it seemed as though their wasn't one so I was really let down this week. I hated that I would have to take the class in the fall. On top that of bad news, Phillip found out he was being transferred from the 2 schools that he is teaching at this year, to two other schools next year. So he was really upset about that because he loves Peak View! So we were pretty grouchy this week...

Today turned things around! Phil called the PE supervisor and his principal at Peak View really stood up for him and they decided not to move him! YAY! He was really excited and I think it says a lot about his school system. They really work hard to keep their employees happy! And on top of that good news, my advisor called me and said she thinks she found a possible solution to my class dilemma and I will be able to take both classes and graduate this summer!! YAY! The Painters are very happy today. God has really blessed us. He is always faithful!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mostly for me

I'm sorry to say it but this blog is mostly for my own sanity. I'm starting to become a bit nervous. Tomorrow is my last class of the semester and we are supposed to show a 5 minute segment of ourselves teaching. The lesson I taped during student teaching is on a mini DV and I have no way to get it on a TV without the camcorder.... which of course is property of the school I student taught at.... hmmm. I'm anxiously awaiting email responses that could potentially solve that problem. The next problem I am faced with is that I am 2 classes away from finishing my Masters degree... and they are offered at the same time this summer. I am meeting with my advisor tomorrow who has been working on a solution to this dilemma. Pray that we find a good solution! I really want to finish my degree this summer so I don't have to worry about it this fall! And finally my other short term worry is this 20 page paper that is due in 10 days. I've started it. That's all I'm gonna say about that! I hope the next 2 weeks go by really fast so that I can get this semester completed and know what my summer is going to be like! I start my long term sub position in 5th grade soon. It will be great experience... I'm very thankful God has given me this opportunity.

Pray for a summer school position and for God to put me where he wants me this fall! I'm looking forward to seeing what His will for this part of my life is! :)


Saturday, April 11, 2009

He is Risen!!!

Good Friday marked the day when our Savior Jesus paid the ultimate price. He took on all of our guilt and sins so that we could be forgiven and have eternal life. To me there is nothing more beautiful than that. I went to the Good Friday service at church and took part in communion, as Jesus did with His disciples and I reflected on what an amazing person He was. Jesus came into this world, fully man and fully God, and went through many of the same things that we go through. He experienced the sadness that we experience, the pain, the sorrow, but still followed God's will for His life. He knew God's will for His life and was crucified so that we may have life. Wow. So as we enter into Easter Sunday, let us remember and worship our God for the price that was paid. I can't wait to celebrate the Risen King!

I really like these lyrics from church on Friday:

The first time You came they crowned You with thorns
As on an old rugged cross You were raised
But the next time You come, it won't be as before
For this time we'll crown You with praise.

This Easter I will be:
Reflecting on what Christ did for me (for everyone)
Renewing my relationship with Him
Refreshing my spirit
Rejoicing in the Resurrection and the coming of our King!

Happy Easter!

We <3 TN!

Well we are back from our trip! We had such a good time. The hotel we stayed in was really nice, it was in a great location. The weather was beautiful!! Thursday was 75 and sunny! We walked downtown Gatlinburg, shopped, went to Ripley's Aquarium, ate huge meals at awesome restuarants. We also got another old timey photo taken. On our honeymoon we got one taken in a bath tub with a sign that said Just Hitched... this year we got another one in a bath tub (different pose) with a sign that says Still Hitched. We are going to get one taken every year. It's our new tradition. I also bought another Smoky Mountain coffee mug... that's my own tradition.... I love to drink coffee and teas so each year I have bought a new Smoky Mountains coffee mug! Everytime I drink out of them it takes me back to TN. :)
Here are a few photos from our much needed trip!

Me being goofy at the aquarium

Phil touching the sting rays

Pretty fountain in Gatlinburg

I am proud of this picture, we took it ourselves... at the river beside our hotel <3

We took this one ourselves too! Me and my love! <3

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tennessee Bound!

I just booked our hotel room for our Tennessee trip. Phillip and I want/need to get away for several reasons. Life has been great but stressful.
1. I want to celebrate successfully completing my student teaching.
2. He is on spring break this week.
3. It's almost our 1 year wedding anniversary (yay!).
4. I check my email a million times a day, hoping for an email from a principal wanting to interview me... I am anxious to find out where I will be teaching this fall and what grade! Keep praying for patience for me and blessings in finding a job. I need to separate myself from my computer (although I can't promise I won't take it with me, hey, don't judge... our hotel has free wireless!)
5. I need a break between student teaching and starting a new long term sub position. Going from 1st grade to 5th in a different school division will be a challenge.
6. We love Tennessee and it will allow us to spend quality time together.

I think that is a long enough list of reasons why I need a mini vaca. So there you have it. We will be in TN for 3 days and 2 nights. Yippee!! :) I can't wait to eat at Old Mill again!

PS. Keep praying for my dad. He is doing much better now. He went on a walk today and said he didn't feel any shortness of breath! Praise the Lord. He is faithful! God is good!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster

Well this week has been full of emotions. Let me start at last Friday (3/27).

My last day student teaching: What an amazing experience. The 1st graders that I taught were so sweet. Each student brought in new or gently used books for me to start my own classroom library. Some kids brought in up to 10 books of their own. They made me cards, we had cupcakes and juice boxes (all planned and executed by my cooperating teacher of course). Some of the parents even sent in stuff to get my classroom started like motivational stickers, white out, a whistle, etc. My cooperating teacher got me all kinds of stuff too... books, a cart, supplies, a card, etc. I had a great last day!

After student teaching ended, I assumed that I would have this past week to do a lot of spring cleaning, run errands, etc. Wrong. Monday and Tuesday I had finished running all of my errands but Tuesday night my family informed me that my dad had been having shortness of breath and was going in for a cath on Friday. So needless to say, we were all worried. He had a heart attack 13 years ago so we take his heart health very seriously. I spent the rest of my week worrying, praying, and spending time with him. Thursday I did manage to sub in 5th grade in Rockingham County. Since I will eventually be doing a long term sub their I wanted to start getting to know the kids. I had a pretty good day there overall... anyways...

Friday we all got up before dawn and drove to UVA to take dad in for his cath. While we were waiting for him (a procedure that they said would take only an hour), I went over to my old stomping grounds... McIntire School of Commerce. I saw all of the people I used to work with. It was great seeing them again (it had been 3 months!) and I had a really good time catching up. After that Holly and I walked back to the hospital and there was still no word about dad. Two hours had passed before we heard anything. The nurse informed us that dad was doing fine, but that they had to put 3 stents in.... he had one completely blocked artery and one partially blocked.... ahhhhh stress. We were surprised at the results but happy and relieved he was okay. They needed to keep him overnight so my sisters and I stayed quite awhile and then came home to get some rest. Mom stayed longer, and was going to stay the night but the hospital doesn't allow people to stay in the cardiac unit so she left later last night. I called him twice after we got home just to make sure he was okay... so did my 3 sisters and mom... needless to say he was on the phone until he went to bed last night. He is coming home today and will be off from work for the next 2 weeks. Praise God for being there for dad and us.... He is faithful and will answer prayers!

Friend Update: A-Mack

Ok, her name isn't really A-Mack... It's Alexis. A-Mack is a name that I affectionately called her in high school. That's right... we've been close friends since 10th grade. We even went to beach week together after our senior year of high school. Alexis is a truly awesome person and I'm really happy that we had a chance to catch up. Alexis has always been my upbeat, happy, stay positive friend and for that I am very grateful. She looks at life in the most practical, down to earth way and helps me see things from a different perspective. Thanks Alexis! :)

Alexis is a busy woman. She is a newlywed (since October) who works 40-60 hour weeks. She is in Health Care Administration, and manages 2 medical practices. That's a huge accomplishment for a 24 year old! She also wants to go back to school to get her masters degree and to get licensed as a Registered Nurse. She has really great goals set for herself and I admire her determination and open mind.

Alexis and Jake (the hubs) love to travel, especially to Vermont to ski, and are considering a big move in the future! While I will be sad to see her move away from me, I will definitely be visiting! Alexis is who I refer to as my "free bird" friend. She is always up for any adventure, whether it is riding a motorcycle (or dirt bike, haha), or meeting random strangers and staying out all night with them (oh beach week, how I miss you), or moving half way across the country, she is up for it. Love you Alexis!

PS. I should also mention, Alexis has a great voice! She sang in my wedding! Ah... just another one of her amazing accomplishments! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friend Update: Roomie Love

As promised, I am trying to reconnect with friends and have been successfully doing so. While I did not have the pleasure of seeing this beautiful person this week, I did have the pleasure of catching up with her (thank goodness for texts, internet, etc.). Meet my former roomie and great friend: Chrissy.
Chrissy, Chris, and Bailey

Chrissy is an amazing person inside and out. She has done so many amazing things in life (just check out her blog here to learn more) and I am thankful to have her in my life! Chrissy will be getting married on October 4th to a guy named Chris Moore, whom she has been dating since college. She is going to be a beautiful bride. I've known Chrissy for about 4 years now and she is the best listener anyone could ask for. We lived together for a year in college and talked a lot then, but we seem to be even closer now. In college we had completely different personalities but for some reason we always had a great connection. Even after college we have kept in touch. She came to mine and Phil's wedding and we will be attending her and Chris' wedding! Her and Chris also have 2 golden retrievers... Bailey and Bella! Bella is my Piper's sister! I can't wait to reunite them!
Chrissy is very sensitive, caring, goal oriented, and fun to be around. She is a great friend and I'm so thankful that even though we are far apart we are still close at heart! Love you Chrissy !